Latest Books and Projects – A Trip to the Red Planet


If you have any love for the science fiction/fantasy genre, I’m guessing you’ve always been more than a little curious about how humans might colonize or live on other worlds, in other harsh environments. For this reason alone the planet Mars has always beckoned me. But I’ve never gone so far as to set one of my stories on the Red Planet. Until now…

My latest work is Girl Rebel of Mars, a novel / novella about a fledgling colony on Mars. What would you do as a 20-something year-old with your life ahead of you one day, only to be thrown into a desperate situation of life-or-death the next? What happens when a colony on one of the nearest promising planets away from Earth suddenly can no longer rely on getting the resources it needs?

Girl Rebel of Mars isn’t some purely cerebral science fiction. It’s a heart-in-your-throat race against time story about how human nature reacts in the most dire circumstances. It’s Lord of the Flies in space. It follows Zayna, Skyler, and Krista – three young Martian colonists – along a journey that will lead to the most unexpected discovery and change the way you think about exploration in our solar system…and beyond. That’s at least my ambitious hope.

*Update. Rebel Girls of Mars is published and now available on Smashwords in ebook form. Check it out: 

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