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Milestones in Sci-fi & Fantasy

Although I normally limit myself to the typed or written word, it’s definitely worth noting that the sci-fi fantasy cultural universe recently tilted on its axis in the wake of a very unlikely success story. The film Guardians of the … Continue reading

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The Art of the Battle Scene

    WHETHER you are a lover or hater of the Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin, there’s one thing almost everyone has to admit: the gritty, appalling realism of his writing strikes a chord. As the … Continue reading

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On the Inevitability of Trilogies

If there’s one trend that seems to have accelerated in the last decade, it seems to be the prominence of the trilogy. Recently I was reading a review by a disgruntled reader who had been disappointed by Brandon Sanderson’s third … Continue reading

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New Fantasy About a Knight-Slaying Princess

You can find my newest published ebook available on Smashwords. This action-adventure fantasy story centers on the survival of a truly butt-kicking, courageous princess who does not take NO for an answer. Princess Naji is condemned to die for committing … Continue reading

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Paranormal and Scifi/Fantasy – Neighbors or on Different Planets Entirely?

  Paranormal romance is alive and well, but does it deserve a place among Science Fiction / Fantasy lovers or not? Few popular teen fiction series have had more passionate opinions swirling around it – pro and con – than Lauren Kate’s … Continue reading

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When SciFi and Reality Collide

Sometimes science fiction and current issues of our day have a strange way of mixing, and so I’m going to go out on a big, cybernetic limb and discuss one of the all-encompassing themes I see in both science fiction … Continue reading

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A Golden of Age of Paranormal Teen Fiction: A Gender-Based Phenomenon?

Chances are that unless you happen to be living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the popularity of teen fiction. Even those who may not directly read teen fiction are helpless but to at least feel some of its … Continue reading

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Souls of Fate – A New Sci Fi Adventure

I just published a new ebook at Smashwords, which you can download free, for the time being. Here’s the link: You can see a brief synopsis of the book further down. Souls of Fate is for anyone out there … Continue reading

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The Crossover Conundrum

     Like any decent fiction author, I read a ton of fiction too. Recently I turned my sights on the topic of teen sci-fi and fantasy and its crossover potential, since it seems that adults are often just as … Continue reading

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The Human Insurgency

Just recently I published my newest ebook, The Human Insurgency. I think readers will enjoy it because it’s a new twist on the classic science fiction theme of alien invasion. I’ve noticed too often that in most alien invasion stories the … Continue reading

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