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What We Need More Than Diversity

An intriguing article at The Digital Reader recently pointed out that many of the older classic SF/F books are falling out of favor with younger readers. The question many are asking is, Why? Nate makes a strong argument that readers … Continue reading

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Artists vs. Authors

Have you ever stood up for something on principle and said ‘NO! I’m not compromising!’ Or, on the flip side of that, have you ever watched someone else and thought to yourself, ‘If only they were more practical, they might … Continue reading

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DUMB Goals are for Readers Too

Normally I focus on all things related to writing and reading and popular culture (I have a soft spot for movies in case you couldn’t tell), and today I want to comment on something that may at first seem to … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All? Cinderella Proves No Such Thing

In case you haven’t heard the movie Cinderella has already raked in nearly $70 million at the box office since opening, marking itself as a huge success. As a male author who actually vastly prefers writing female protagonists this doesn’t … Continue reading

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Move over, Lord of the Flies. Hello Monument 14!

If your childhood was anything like mine, my English classes – for the most part – forced me to read ‘classics.’ Now many of those so-called classics sent me one clear message as a kid: You should hate reading. Sound … Continue reading

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Star Wars and the Need for Reinvention

Have you ever felt it was time to reinvent yourself? Sometimes I wonder the same thing about some of the most well-loved universes in popular fiction, be it Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, or you name it. Many of the most … Continue reading

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Brutal but Breathtaking

Let me start by saying I find it very difficult to put books in a ‘nutshell.’ Stephanie Thornton’s The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan definitely falls under that category. It reads almost like an epic, yet it shows … Continue reading

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The Problem with Zombies – Taking it to the Beyond

Until more recently, I have had a real problem with zombies. No, this doesn’t mean that my next door neighbors were developing a hankering for human brains. I’m talking about zombie books (and movies) and the niche they seem to … Continue reading

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Oppose YA and Teen Books at Your Own Risk

Over this past summer an article for made huge waves among readers, especially readers of what we call “young adult” or teen fiction. Ruth Graham in her article Against YA makes a host of arguments for why adults should … Continue reading

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