Which Planet Intrigues You the Most? Discovering Yourself

I can say with more than a tiny dose of satisfaction that I’ve recently finished and published my latest short scifi novel, Rebel Girl of Mars. The unexpected scifi adventure starts when a colony on Mars gets cut off completely and abruptly, and shows how one girl’s decisions might very well make the difference between her family and friends’ survival – not to mention a decent chunk of humanity.

It’s available for 0.99 in ebook format (print version forthcoming on Amazon). You can also glance at a free sample. For those interested you can take a peek here: Rebel Girl of Mars 

Rebel Girl of Mars, a young adult scifi novel by J. Kirsch

Rebel Girl of Mars, a young adult scifi novel by J. Kirsch

Now that I’ve gotten my shameless plug out of the way, time to open things up to talk about planets and how they relate to who we are as individuals. I have always thought that space, planets, and stars represent the most exciting thing humans can ponder. Unlimited possibilities. I have a huge painting in my library with all the planets of the solar system in watercolor. Which of the planets intrigues you the most, if you could visit one? (And assuming you were given the gear to survive, of course.) I think this is an interesting question not least because it says a lot about human nature and also a person’s particular personality.

When asked this question of most intriguing planet, I’m sure some people would answer Mars or maybe even cheat a little and say the moon Europa. Why? Well, because it’s natural for us to be fascinated with planets that have the capacity to potentially harbor life.

On the other hand, though, I could see other legitimate answers. Some might find other planets more interesting, even if they don’t theoretically seem like promising life-incubators. Let’s take Saturn or Jupiter for instance. Some of the extraordinary weather phenomena on these giant planets has a kind of awe-inspiring artistry to them. The Eye of Jupiter is perhaps the best known planetary feature, and who hasn’t stared at that unusual landmark and been tapped, at least ever so lightly, by an instinct of wonder?

So in summary, learn a bit about yourself by looking at the solar system and seeing the planets almost like different characters. Which one appeals to you, and why, and what does it say about you as a person? You might just discover something interesting about yourself.

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4 Responses to Which Planet Intrigues You the Most? Discovering Yourself

  1. WizendTurnip says:

    Thanks for the insight! I’ve also thought it interesting that most the planets and moons in our solar system were named after mythological beings. In many ways, the planets have proven to be much more powerful and majestic than their namesakes. Great thought exercise!


    • J. Kirsch says:

      Yep, I often wish we knew more about distant planets and their ‘personalities’ so to speak. It is funny how much we’ve personified the celestial bodies with gods/goddesses and the like. To us it may seem natural, but there’s nothing strictly logical in doing that.


  2. kgmcabee says:

    I’m torn between poor little dwarf planet Pluto, which looks so cool in the new pics from the edge of our system, and the ever-popular Mars, especially when it’s spelled Barsoom. 🙂


  3. Good luck! Hope you find super duper massive success.


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