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The Thing About Awards…

More than a few big names have¬†been making a big deal out of the Hugo Awards recently, (If this sounds unfamiliar, the Hugo award is a prestigious¬†award for works of science fiction, ranging from short stories to full-length novels and … Continue reading

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Sad Puppies and the Hugo Awards – Fiasco or Inevitable?

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about a vocal group of scifi/fantasy authors and fans who have voted as a single bloc to drastically change the landscape for the prestigious Hugo award. This group has been calling themselves the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Flow Chart Heaven – The Top 100 Scifi & Fantasy

For some reason I’ll never understand, I have always been enthralled by flow charts. To me they are always fun to look at, in part because it’s such an interesting visual way to learn more about yourself. Recently NPR celebrated … Continue reading

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Very Realistic YA – A Movement in Search of Enemies

A recent argument very critical of YA books in general caught my attention via Ink, Bits & Pixels. Here it goes: “The conversation began with Hansen’s observation that, despite being geared towards young adults, this genre [YA books] generally doesn’t … Continue reading

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