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What the Tea Leaves Say About Ebooks

Recently Dan Cohen from the Digital Public Library of America wrote an interesting piece on the future of ebooks – Bewildering to many is the fact that the surge in ebook adoption has plateaued for the past year or … Continue reading

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DUMB Goals are for Readers Too

Normally I focus on all things related to writing and reading and popular culture (I have a soft spot for movies in case you couldn’t tell), and today I want to comment on something that may at first seem to … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All? Cinderella Proves No Such Thing

In case you haven’t heard the movie Cinderella has already raked in nearly $70 million at the box office since opening, marking itself as a huge success. As a male author who actually vastly prefers writing female protagonists this doesn’t … Continue reading

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Move over, Lord of the Flies. Hello Monument 14!

If your childhood was anything like mine, my English classes – for the most part – forced me to read ‘classics.’ Now many of those so-called classics sent me one clear message as a kid: You should hate reading. Sound … Continue reading

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Star Wars and the Need for Reinvention

Have you ever felt it was time to reinvent yourself? Sometimes I wonder the same thing about some of the most well-loved universes in popular fiction, be it Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, or you name it. Many of the most … Continue reading

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