Souls of Fate – A New Sci Fi Adventure


I just published a new ebook at Smashwords, which you can download free, for the time being. Here’s the link:

You can see a brief synopsis of the book further down. Souls of Fate is for anyone out there who’s ever felt a little too alone in the world. We may not all be emotionally-dampened assassins trained to kill, but most of us feel, at one time or another in our lives, as if the rest of humanity is connected to something we aren’t. (Some might call that adolescence, but that’s another story). I hope my story, in addition to being a fun space adventure, brings up a few questions about what it is to be human (some of the aliens in my book act in a way that feels far more understandable than the so-called humans). Souls of Fate is also about what we can or cannot change – and whether the past or the future should be what defines us.

Souls of Fate summary:

Kuan is a Specter, an assassin who isn’t supposed to feel. But when the solo killer and a team of marines are thrust into a mission which goes horribly wrong, he learns that the line between alien and human, good and evil, is not so clear. Ultimately he must ask himself whether he’s willing to risk everything to save a girl marked for death by the same government who created him.

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