The Human Insurgency


Just recently I published my newest ebook, The Human Insurgency. I think readers will enjoy it because it’s a new twist on the classic science fiction theme of alien invasion. I’ve noticed too often that in most alien invasion stories the aliens are seen as this monolithic unified force, almost like a hive mind of ants or bees.

But in reality how likely would this be? My guess is that aliens (like humans, not to mention a few other notable animal species) operate more in factions without a simple humans vs. all aliens dichotomy. So with that in mind, Human Insurgency is a story told from the viewpoint both of captured humans on an alien spaceship and humans fighting a valiant resistance on the ground. I think the two perspectives complement each other and give the story more depth than you often see in alien invasion stories. Plus there’s plenty of action.

Check out The Human Insurgency now:

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